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Welcome to my website where I provide links to my artistic endeavors. I am primarily an illustrator scratching away at paper with pens to create strange, twisted and surreal chaotic landscapes often full of overgrown life and out of control technologies.

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Welcome to the Nexus of Realities

A Little About the Artist

I got back into art over a decade ago and have been proud of my progress to date. I have focused primarily on using and ink having shifted from pens, to ink painting and back to pens over the years. I have dabbled with sculpting with clay, painting (oil and acrylic) and wood burning but my first love and my artistic language seems to be ink.

I've been through a fanart period and now primarily create strange worlds that are distorted reflections full of dark beauty and beautiful darkness. 

I am currently not taking commissions. I do not sell my art as NFTs or  sell, support, endorse or grant permission for my art to be used in generative AI.

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