Taking another step into the world

Not sure how often I'll blog, or what I'll blog about at this point. Consider this more of a "what's new" section, at least as it's going to be right now. For me it's been an incredible journey so far to go from doodling in books to the point where I am basically addicted to art at this point.

I'm moving past just doing fanart (though I'm sure that will continue, just not as much as I used to do) into creating original characters, and in 2017 I may even look at bringing together my Dee Dragon carttons into a book, and there's even t he chance of me turning my hand to being an author to bring Necroette and Nocerette (more on them later) and their adventures to life in the Land of the Dead.

I can't predict the future, other than I am going to be doing my best to continue doing new art every day, no matter how sick I am, no matter how exhausted, stressed or flat out fed up with the world I might be. I am challenging myself to keep up the momentum and growth that I have been able to put into developing my artistic skills and see no compelling reason to back down now.

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