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The Scattering

Scatterings happen a lot in Sci-Fi. Whether the plan of the God Emperor Leto II, or the Cylon attacks, or the Quarians and their Fleet or Kerensky leading the loyalists of the SLDF out of the Inner Sphere with the code "Exodus", the concept is played out in fiction as usually having a purpose. Well, history shows that through disasters, maliciousness or just plain incompetence there is no purpose, that's just life.

Right now, there's a Scattering of artists out there into the void. Maybe we'll collectively find ourselves on a new social media "homeworld" at some point, but for now we retreat to our old bastions of FB, insta, tumblr. Meanwhile some other places seem to be big on making life harder for the artists they claim to serve by trying to squeeze every dollar out of NaFTees and EyyyyI "art" and plundering the libraries of those that provide the reason for anyone to visit their site.


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