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Daniel Hawksworth. Illustrations and Paintings

Dan Hawksworth is a Winnipeg born and raised contemporary visual artist whose primary focus is on pen/ink based illustrations.


For Dan, art is a form of art therapy that allows him to process the world around him and allow his imagination to roam freely whether through the realms of fantasy, mysticism, science fiction or popular culture.


His works have ranged from fanart through science fiction, fantasy and more recently a turn into the macabre and gothic with elements of steampunk, Lovecraftian horror and Giger becoming prominent. His works through 2018 and 2019 have been primarily pen focused on the pull between beauty and darkness and the interplay of the "beautiful lie against the ugly truth". 

His illustrations also extend into cartooning focused on his character Dee Dragon which is a fun house mirror view into how Dan perceives the world as well as occasional social commentary and satirical works. 

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