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Drawing was how I got back into art in my mid-30s. I always loved to draw as a kid, but stopped in my 20s when it just seemed to be a distraction. Little did I know that I was ignoring a major part of myself for over a decade. When I did start drawing again, I made a conscious decision to only work in pen. No more pencils. As a result I have slowly developed my own style and have evolved from simple, high contrast line work into more detailed pieces that work on incorporating more colour and texture. Fanart was and always will be an aspect to what I do, since it has helped me to get a better appreciation for composition and posing of figures I have been branching out into my own original characters and have begun doing more digital enhancements to them.

To view more of my works, please see my Instagram page, my Facebook page, or visit my studio at cre8ery.
To inquire about purchasing any of my works please email me. Or visit my page at Society 6.

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